Thursday, October 29, 2015

I'm back! And backtracking...

It's been about 5 weeks since I went silent on the blog. A lot has happened since then. I'll backtrack to September 14th, which was my first day back to classes for the fall semester.

I'd had my frozen embryo transfer 6 days earlier, and instead of patiently waiting for the blood test, I was impatiently testing early at home with home pregnancy tests. I woke up went to catch my FMU (first morning urine) in a cup so that I could use it for testing. I dipped it in and waited, and the place where the second pink line should show up looked pretty white to me. Or was it? I squinted and stared. Yup, white. Or is there a bit of a second pink line? I took a picture with my phone. Zoomed in. Stared at it. Looked at it in different light. Okay, definitely no second line. Negative test again. And off to work I went.

I came home from work and went straight upstairs to test again. Which really makes no sense because FMU is strongest and that's what you're supposed to use for testing. Instead I was now testing again with dilute evening urine. Same thing. Peed in a cup, dipped the strip. Waited 5 minutes. This time, I thought I saw a faint second line showed up. I stared at it in shock. In over 5 years of trying, I'd never seen that desired second pink line. I squinted. It was still there. I took a picture of it. It was there. My mind was racing. So I did what anyone would do in my situation - I sent the picture  of my test stick to two of my IVF friends and asked if it looked positive to them too. And they both assured me that it was. And then I cried.

Hubby was downstairs making dinner this whole time (and probably wondering why I was taking so long upstairs). I came down holding my peed-on test stick behind my back. Then I showed it to him in tears. He was shocked and excited and in disbelief. It was pretty early to be testing and getting a positive result. But there it was, our second pink line. He picked me up and spun me around. He couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it. He cried, and so I cried some more.

I looked over to see what he was cooking for dinner, and noticed an open jar of sauce on the counter. It was Prego sauce. A couple months earlier when we'd bought it, I'd jokingly said that maybe it would be lucky for us and we'd end up prego. But this day was the first time we'd ever used that brand of sauce. So, of course, it was the perfect opportunity to take some pictures.

The following few days, we were excited and nervous and jumpy and really really wanted to have that blood test which was the official test. I re-tested at home each day just to make sure that the second line was still there. It was. On Thursday, I went in for the beta-HcG blood draw. We were hoping for a number over 50 which would indicate not only a pregnancy, but one that was doing well so far. It's very common for early testers to see a positive and get a low beta number, and then the pregnancy disappears a day or two later.

My dear hubby was obsessing over the My E-Health website, and I'm surprised he didn't crash their servers. I was keeping busy at work, so I couldn't check online for the results. Finally, he called me to tell me that he saw the result: 295. We were thrilled that it was official - we could now say it: We Are Pregnant!

I was so pleased to see that number. I felt like things were good and we'd be fine going ahead. It was really nice to hear the nurse from the fertility clinic call and say "Congratulations" instead of "I'm sorry" this time! But the tricky part about getting your first beta number is that if it doesn't double in about 48 hours, that means the pregnancy isn't viable. So while I was feeling blissful and fairly confident that the next blood test would be fine too, hubby was stressing out big time. He couldn't eat and sleep. He just really wanted to fast forward to the next result. Finally on Saturday I went for the second blood test. Our result was 636 - more than double! And then it was really really official.

And so, dear readers, I am happy to share with you the news that after over 5 years of trying, 7 attempts with fertility treatments, and countless pills, invasive tests, injections, prayers and tears... we are pregnant!


  1. HURRAY!!! So excited! Our little peach is excited to meet her playmate too!!

  2. Thank you so much! I hope you and Sacha and your little peach are all doing well! <3

  3. ;) :) :) :) very excited for you guys!!!! Take it easy for the next bit, don't forget to meditate ;), and enjoy pregnancy! Oh, and really enjoy sleeping at night now too, cause after little sprog arrives, you will not sleep well for a very long time ��. Congrats! Rebecca

  4. Thank you so much, Rebecca! I appreciate the advice, too. :) I hope you and the family are doing great!

  5. OMG I'm so ridiculously happy for you!!!

  6. Oooh I didn't see your comment til just now! Thank you!! <3

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