Monday, May 25, 2015

An eventful week

I'm on day 6 of my 21 days of Marvelon. So far I've been having slight nausea and feeling more tired that usual. Both of them are common side effects. Also feeling random dull aches in my head, but none of the symptoms are too strong or horrible yet! I've kept up with eating well and walking regularly, so overall I think I'm doing pretty good.

This week should be interesting. Three important things are going on:

1) On Wednesday afternoon, I'll be meeting with HR and my principal and our union president to discuss my job for next year. Really hoping something good comes from this. The uncertainty about next year's position has been weighing heavily on me the last while, and I'd like to put it behind me.

2) On Thursday, I'll be having a sonohysterogram (also called a saline infusion sonogram) at my fertility clinic, PCRM. They'll be using a speculum and inserting a catheter to put saline into my uterus. Then they'll put in an ultrasound probe to see how everything looks inside. Finding nothing interesting inside there would be great news.

3) After the procedure on Thursday, I have an IVF medication appointment with a PCRM nurse. She'll explain the injectable meds I'll be needing when I move onto stimulating my ovaries. I'll learn what to take and how to take it and how to mix my own meds. Kinda thrilling because these hormone injections will help create and plump up the egg that will be the start of our baby!

That's all for now. Except that it's Geek Pride Day which is kinda sorta amusing. 

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