Thursday, June 11, 2015

A small victory

If you read yesterday's post Baseline Scan, I'm pleased to report that my ultrasound this morning showed result #1 - no cysts! According to the doctor, my ovaries look happy, and my lining (endometrium) looks normal. I won't be hearing about the results from my blood draw unless there is something wrong. But since there aren't any cysts, my estrogen should be under 80. I was so worried that something could come up at the baseline that would prevent me from moving forward with IVF. How nice to make it past this hurdle!

After my scan, I picked up my first batch of fertility medications. Ovarian stimulation starts tomorrow evening. Wanna see what $1154 worth of IVF drugs look like?

This represents a whole lot of poking, and like they say on infomercials, "And that's not all! If you open up those boxes up right now, you'll get another dozen needles to poke yourself with!" Good thing I pick them up in person so I don't pay shipping and handing. :)  Would be pretty sweet if they came with the classic infomercial money back guarantee though!

Even though IVF isn't covered by health insurance (boo hoo!), I do get help when it comes to the drugs (yay!). I end today's post with a happy sigh. I'm relieved and excited to move forward.

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