Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 9 of Stims

I've been stimming for 9 days during which I've made 23 injection holes in my belly. My belly is sore, and it's been getting worse over the last couple of days. I'm having to ice it longer. It feels all bruised though only a tiny bit of bruising shows on the skin. It's mostly all inside. I was pretty stressed yesterday when I opened my new Gonal-F and it was completely different.. no pen! Instead a syringe with two needles and a vial of powder. Thanks to YouTube we learned how to mix n inject it.

On a more positive note, I had another follicle scan yesterday. I was really hoping that all 14 of my follicles were healthy and none had deteriorated. I was pleasantly surprised to learn the this doctor found 15 follicles! So wasn't expecting my number of follicles to go up! Also, she said my lining looked healthy with the triple layer look that is wanted. The follicles also grew a bit bigger than the previous scan and stayed close together in size. All very good news!

Since yesterday, a new side effect is picking up. I'm glad the headaches are gone, but now I just feel exhausted despite plenty of rest. I was in bed about 12 hours last night and had a decent sleep. This afternoon I was lying in bed for another two hours. And now, less than three hours later, I could totally go for a nap. I do remember feeling this way when I took Gonal-F a few months ago. Fatigue is really not as bad of a side effect compared to some of the other possibilities.

I have bloodwork and another follicle scan tomorrow morning, so up at 5:00 am again! Monitoring is now supposed to be daily. I'm excited to see how my follicles are doing! :)

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