Sunday, June 28, 2015

Embryologist's Reports: Days 3 + 4

So as of our report on Day 2, we had 9 of our embryos doing well and one doing poorly.

Yesterday, Day 3, the embryologist reported that 7 are doing well, one was still doing poorly, and the two remaining ones were at the right stage of development, but low quality.

Today, Day 4, we still had 7 doing well. I asked for the grading on them this time. We have no grade 1 (excellent), four grade 2's (good), three grade 3's (average), and three grade 4's (below average).

We're excited that 7 are still doing fine. Now we wait til tomorrow to find out how many of them make the big leap from morula to blastocyst.

For the last couple days, the discomfort has continued. I've spent most of my time on the sofa with minimal physical activity except for short daily walks for circulation. I'm glad that I've been doing better since yesterday evening. Also pleased to be done with taking antibiotics.

Big news: our embryo transfer is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00 am. That means one of our sweet little embryos is coming home to me! We could use lots of finger crossing and prayers, please and thank you!