Friday, June 26, 2015

Embryologist's Report

Now we're in the next stage of IVF which is really quite exciting - daily phone updates from the embryologist!

On Day 0, egg retrieval day, we were told that we had 19 eggs collected.

Yesterday, Day 1, we learned that 16 of our 19 eggs were mature. Out of those 16, ten of them fertilized. It was sooo cool to learn that we had ten itty bitty little embryos sitting in a petri dish that are half me, half hubby. And hopefully at least one of them will soon become our very own baby! 

Today, Day 2, the embryologist said that nine of our embryos are growing as they should, and one is doing poorly. So now we still have nine little embabies! Most of them are 4 cells now, but one is 6 cells, and one is 8 cells. Hoping they hang on til they either get put inside me or the freezer! 

Yesterday, I was uncomfortable, but not in a lot of pain. Today was a rough morning. I woke up early to do my daily progesterone suppository (which really hasn't been too awful so far) and then eat so I could have my antibiotics. Suddenly, I was having intense pain. Like the kind of pain where you're doubled over and wonder if you'll vomit or faint from the pain. Only Tylenol is allowed, as the stronger pain killers will thin out the endometrium which we're trying to thicken to prepare for implantation. I took two extra strength Tylenol, and for over an hour, I was still having intense cramping. 

I talked with a friend who has been through IVF, and then I realized that pain made sense. She pointed out that my ovaries had been poked 19 times with a needle to get those eggs out. And they're also stretched out from holding all those follicles, and now they're bloated with fluid. And then of course there were the two vaginal punctures. After poking needles in my stomach during stims, it got bruised and painful.. So of course my internal parts would be causing me pain, too. 

I'm glad the pain has faded, and I'll need to keep on top of the Tylenol so it doesn't get as intense as this morning. I've spent the majority of the last 48 hours on the sofa and in bed, but I go for a short walk each day. Gotta keep my eye on the prize - the pain is temporary, but there's a chance of a pretty sweet reward! 

So excited for tomorrow's update from the embryologist!


  1. Waiting for the update :) hope everything goes well. You're so strong!

  2. Thanks so much! We hope so tooooo! So nice to have you following along on the blog :)